Why do I need refills for my eyelash extensions?

Why do I need refills for my eyelash extensions?

Lash growth, like the growth of all hair, occurs in distinct phases known as the hair growth cycle. The three main phases of the lash growth cycle are:

1. **Anagen Phase (Active Growth):** This is the initial phase of lash growth, during which the hair follicle is actively producing new cells. Lashes in the anagen phase are attached to the lash follicle and continue to grow for a period of about 30 to 45 days. The length of this phase largely determines the maximum potential length of your lashes.

2. **Catagen Phase (Transition):** After the anagen phase, lashes enter the catagen phase, which is a transitional stage. During this phase, lash growth slows down, and the follicle shrinks. This phase lasts for about two to three weeks.

3. **Telogen Phase (Resting and Shedding):** The telogen phase is the resting phase, during which the lash is no longer actively growing. It remains in place while a new lash begins to form beneath it. This phase lasts for approximately three to four months. Eventually, the old lash will shed naturally, making way for a new lash to take its place.

It's important to note that each lash operates independently and is at a different stage of the growth cycle at any given time. This is why lashes naturally shed and regrow on a continuous basis. On average, most people shed 1 to 5 lashes per day.

Factors such as genetics, age, hormonal fluctuations, and overall health can influence the length of each phase and the rate of lash growth. Eyelash extensions are typically attached to lashes in the anagen phase, which is why regular refills are necessary to maintain a full and consistent look as natural lashes go through their growth cycle.
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